The professional land surveyor renders a highly technical and complex service. Extend your understanding of our type of business. Ensure your project is worry free.

In general, a survey should be done before purchasing real estate, when subdividing lands for sale, probate of a will or administration of an estate and prior to the construction of buildings on a property.

Using the services of a land surveyor before any of the activities mentioned above will cost less in time, worry and money than the cost of moving a building or part thereof or defending a lawsuit later.

Method of survey

Most surveyors use electronic distance and angle measuring equipment as well as the traditional theodolite and tape. Modern computer systems aid in efficiently gathering measurements and in evaluating all collected evidence required to perform the survey. Global Positions Systems (GPS) or “satellite surveying” can provide greater accuracy and efficiency for some surveys. Antoine & Associates takes pride in using these instruments and computers to perform land surveying efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively.